This bow was originally accessioned along with a stringed instrument described as a violin made of a gourd covered with lizard skin, which has now been lost. This was most likely a one-stringed instrument called a nyayaru in Foulah, gbulu in Temne, kuliktu in Limba and kalani in Mandingo. The nyayaru has part of a gourd for its sound box, a stick for its neck and a bunch of stretched hair for its string. A snake or iguana skin is stretched across the top of the gourd and a small stick is wedged in between the string and skin to act as a bridge.

Further Information

  • Type: Musical instruments
  • Object: Bow
  • Materials: Feather, fur, hair, horn, Wood
  • Culture Group: Other
  • Dimensions: 395mm x 48mm x 10mm
  • Production Date: Pre 1895
  • Associated Places: Sierra Leone (Created and collected)
  • Associated People: A. Ridyard (Donor)
  • Museum: World Museum Liverpool Sierra Leone Collection
  • Accession Number: LIVCM.

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