Country Cloth Hammock

This is a hammock, composed of strips of country cloth that have been sewn together. Country cloth is traditionally made from locally grown cotton that is spun into thread, dyed, and woven into strips on a tripod loom. The strips are then sewn together edge to edge to form the finished piece. Such cloth was, in the past, regarded as a sign of wealth and prestige. Hammocks, such as this one, were often used to transport high status individuals on ceremonial occasions. It would have been supported by poles, which may also have held a wooden canopy

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Further Information

  • Type: Textiles, cloth
  • Object: Country Cloth Hammock
  • Materials: Textile
  • Culture Group: Vai
  • Dimensions: 1010mm
  • Production Date: About 1905
  • Associated Places: Sierra Leone: Sherbro District (Created and collected)
  • Associated People: A. Ridyard (Donor)
  • Museum: World Museum Liverpool Sierra Leone Collection
  • Accession Number: LIVCM.