Knife and Sheath

A knife, made with an iron blade, and a wooden handle inlaid bands of brass. The sheath is made from tooled leatherwork with a tassel, in Mandingo leatherwork, Mandingo here, refers to a type of craftsmanship associated with Muslim elites. The original records describe the knife as a shea .

Further Information

  • Type: Weapons, armour
  • Object: Knife and Sheath
  • Materials: Leather, animal skin, Metal
  • Culture Group: Mandingo
  • Dimensions: Unknown
  • Production Date: Pre 1965
  • Associated Places: Kabala (Place Collected)
  • Associated People: Sorie Tunkara Koranka; J. L. Stone (Collector); H. Cole (Collector)
  • Museum: Sierra Leone National Museum
  • Accession Number: SLNM.1965.49.05

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