Shuku Mat

A coil weave mat, derived from the art commonly known as shuku blai . Shuku blai is a Temne name for a type of finely made and ornamented coil-weave basket, often made by women and used for keeping valuable objects safe. Mats of this kind are often given to newly married women, covering a calabash full of objects required for married life such as thread.

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Further Information

  • Type: Domestic equipment
  • Object: Shuku Mat
  • Materials: Vegetable, organic fibre
  • Culture Group: Temne
  • Dimensions: 152mm
  • Production Date: Pre 1976
  • Associated Places: Makeni
  • Associated People: Mrs. Saffie Darami (Seller)
  • Museum: Sierra Leone National Museum
  • Accession Number: SLNM.1976.01.02

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