Jobai Headdress

This is a headdress worn by the Jobai masquerader. The Jobai is a predominantly Mende masquerader, associated with entertainment and public performance. The headdresses vary, but are usually composed of wicker frame, adorned with colourful textiles and wool. This example is decorated with blue, green, orange, yellow, white, and black, wool, and bits of cloth, as well as beadwork. The rest of the costume would have consisted of a long raffia skirt, completely concealing the wearer.

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Further Information

  • Type: Masks, headdresses
  • Object: Jobai Headdress
  • Materials: Wood, Feather, fur, hair, horn, Glass, Textile
  • Culture Group: Mende
  • Dimensions: 170mm [H]
  • Production Date: Pre 2011
  • Associated Places: Unknown
  • Associated People: Unknown
  • Museum: Sierra Leone National Museum
  • Accession Number: SLNM.2011.006.02

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